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Videoendoscopy is the use of specialist medical cameras to examine internal body cavities that are difficult to access, including gastrointestinal, respiratory, reproductive and urinary tracts. Images are displayed on a screen, which can be viewed by the client as well as our veterinary team.  Our experienced vets have expertise with all video endoscopic procedures, which are often used in conjunction with other medical tests to provide an accurate diagnosis.

We offer a full range of examinations including:

  • Gastroscopy (examination of the stomach)

  • Upper and lower respiratory tract endoscopy

  • Hysteroscopy (examination of the mare's uterus)

  • Bladder and urinary tract endoscopy

  • Endoscope guided medical laser surgery

Videoendoscopy is a useful adjunct to other forms of imaging and surgery, such as for uterine cyst removal, bladder stone removal, laser Hobday and palate thermocautery.

Uses of videoendoscopy

  • Gastroscopy

  • Investigation of chronic colic

  • Investigation of urinary tract problems

  • Investigation of airway and swallowing problems

  • Investigation of failure to conceive and other reproductive problems

  • Laser respiratory surgery (pictured)

  • Laser Hobday/ventriculocordectomy

  • Aryepiglottic fold removal

  • Guttural pouch fenestration

  • Palate thermocautery