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A full range of reproductive surgical procedures can be carried out either by our experienced stud farm veterinarians at your premises, or for more complex procedures, by our specialist surgeons at our hospital. These include:

For mares

Caesarean section and other reproductive surgical emergencies

Removal of endometrial cysts

Urogenital surgery (including Caslick's operation and other perineal surgery, ovariectomy, removal of granulosa cell tumours, ovarian haematoma, abscess or cysts, repair of uterine torsion, correction of foaling injuries and removal of bladder calculi [stones])

For Colts/Stallions


Correction of inguinal hernias

Urogenital surgery (including cryptorchid surgery [removal of retained testicle], removal of penile or testicle tumours, amputation of penis and removal bladder calculi)