Overground endoscopy (OGE) is an advanced imaging technique to diagnose airway problems that occur when a horse is exercising, as some condition will only be seen with the horse moving at speed. OGE is particularly useful for the diagnosis of problems in horses that make an abnormal respiratory noise, are suffering from poor performance or take a long time to recover following exercise.

Options for Overground Endoscopy

  • Horses may be examined on the lunge or ridden in the manège at the Hospital

  • Horses may be examined on the gallops in Newmarket, or similar facilities throughout the UK.

  • We can arrange a visit to your facilities for ridden overground endoscopy and also offer this service to other veterinary practices

What does OGE examination involve?

Our sophisticated OGE systems are mounted underneath the horse’s saddle and connected to specialist endoscopes placed in the airway through the nostril, and secured to the head with dedicated bridles. We are able to examine horses of any size or shape, providing they are used to having a saddle or roller fitted.  The examination can easily be integrated into a horse’s daily exercise routine. The high quality video images the systems capture allows quick and accurate diagnosis of causes of airway obstruction, many of which that cannot be diagnosed via traditional resting endoscopic examination. When a problem has been diagnosed, we can offer a full range of medical and surgical treatments to help return your horse to optimum performance.