Our MRI service has extensive experience with all breeds of horses and ponies, which take part in a wide range of equestrian activities. We have been offering an MRI service for many years at Canterbury Equine Clinic.

World-renowned expertise

Our specialist clinicians have demonstrated excellence in the detection of pre-fracture injury of the fetlock joint and stress injuries of the upper cannon region and knee.  

When is MRI appropriate?

Examples of types of injury suitable for evaluation using MRI include:

  • Navicular bone injury and early stage degenerative disease

  • Soft tissue injuries of the foot

  • Coffin joint disease

  • Hoof wall masses

  • Foot penetration injury assessment

  • Bone injury of the pastern and fetlock region

  • Fore limb upper suspensory ligament injuries

Our specialist clinicians will discuss with the client and the referring veterinary surgeon the diagnosis, the options available for treatment and the prognosis for future soundness.  We can advise the referring veterinary practice regarding treatment at home.