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Lameness and loss of performance cases often require specialist investigation. We have the expertise and facilities to diagnose and treat all forms of lameness at our diagnostic centre. Our specialist facilities include multiple examination boxes, a variety of surfaces and all-weather lunge rings and an all-weather arena for ridden assessments. We offer a complete range of diagnostic nerve and joint blocks and a complete range of digital imaging techniques. Our clinicians are experienced in dealing with all types of horses for the diagnosis and management of:

  • Joint, tendon, ligament and bone injuries

  • Developmental and degenerative diseases

  • Traumatic injuries

  • Conditions causing back, neck and pelvic pain

  • ‘Resistive’ behaviour when ridden

  • Multi-limb lameness

  • Headshaking

We provide a full range of medical and surgical treatments, remedial farriery and comprehensive advice regarding rehabilitation. We can provide quotes for procedures prior to admission and deal directly with your insurance company, if requested to do so.

Treatment Options 

  • Joint medications (e.g. corticosteroids)

  • Biologic (‘regenerative’) joint, tendon and ligament therapies (e.g. IRAP, PRP, stem cells)

  • Remedial farriery

  • Extracorporeal ‘shock wave’ therapy

  • Laser therapy

  • Tailored rehabilitation programmes

  • Chiropractic treatment

  • A full range of orthopaedic surgical procedures