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Our specialist surgeons have access to the most advanced technology and facilities to diagnose and treat many types of equine fractures, combining their extensive surgical experience with advanced imaging such as CT examination, arthroscopic visualisation and real-time fluoroscopy imaging. This allows for accurate repair to ensure the best outcome possible for your horse. We offer a comprehensive service, including standing and general anaesthetic fracture repair.

Our fully-equipped operating theatres are occupied daily with horses undergoing a full range of procedures - from simple ‘chip’ fractures removal to complex fractures requiring internal fixation (plate and screw repair).

Equine fractures can be complex, therefore we offer a full range of options for fracture management:

  • Cortical screw repair with 3.5, 4.5 and 5.5mm screws

  • Smaller SOP plate repair

  • Cerclage wire repair

  • Dynamic compression and locking compression plating

  • Computer tomographic imagining

  • Fluoroscopic (moving x-ray) and arthroscopic assisted fracture repair

  • Half and full-limb casting

  • Transfixation pin casting

  • Arthrodesis and long bone fracture repair

  • Rope and sling assisted recovery from general anaesthesia

  • Long-term sling assisted recovery from fracture repair

Standing Fracture Repair

Treatable fractures in NZ have traditionally been repaired under general anaesthesia. However, certain types of fractures in horses are now amenable to surgical repair in the standing sedated patient, a technique that Canterbury Equine are confident in:

  • the fracture must be incomplete;

  • there must be no displacement of the fracture and

  • the patient must be temperamentally suitable.