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Diagnostic imaging plays a central role in accurately diagnosing the majority of cases that are referred to our purpose-built, state-of-the-art Diagnostic Centre, which is amongst the world leaders in the field of diagnostic imaging and research.

Our imaging service operates a state-of-the-art entirely digital imaging system for the rapid and effective diagnosis of patients. Imaging modalities available to our diagnostic clinicians include:

We operate a multi-disciplinary approach, where our imaging experts work in collaboration with the primary clinician or surgeon to acquire and evaluate the diagnostic images in conjunction with the findings of the clinical examination. In more complex cases, more than one type of imaging may be required to enable an accurate diagnosis and aid planning for surgery or treatment, as appropriate.

As all images are acquired and stored digitally, these can be transferred easily to referring vets and horse owners in digital or printed format. We additionally offer an image reading service for veterinary surgeons.

We are happy to discuss with horse owners and their vet what type of imaging scan is indicated for individual cases.