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Upper airway disease is a common cause of poor performance, particularly in racehorses. We have specialists with particular expertise in laryngeal, pharyngeal, palatal, and sinus conditions, employing a variety of diagnostic techniques, including routine endoscopy, overground endoscopy (OGE) and computed tomography (CT).

Overground endoscopy (OGE) has become an essential tool for the accurate diagnosis of upper airway conditions and increases the possibility of successful treatment. It is used to investigate two main problems; respiratory noise at exercise and loss of performance. Our OGE equipment is worn by the horse during routine exercise (either at the horse’s regular yard or at the hospital) and allows detailed real-time and post exercise analysis to accurately determine possible causes of airway obstruction. Our clinicians will then make appropriate recommendations regarding management of any conditions we identify.

Upper Airway Surgery

Our specialist surgeons offer a full range of corrective techniques, including laryngeal 'tie-back' (laryngoplasty) and laryngeal 'tie forward' procedures. In addition, many surgeries are now carried out with the horse standing using sedation and local anaesthesia. These include laser surgeries (e.g. ventriculectomy and cordectomy [‘Hobday’], and sinus surgery).